May 24, 2024
60 Minutes
Available All Day

How to Conduct Stay Interviews to Retain Top Talent

Speaker Name
Racquel Harris


This invaluable training will help attendees understand ways to use stay interviews as a powerful retention tool. The most insightful and forward-thinking companies recognize the importance of being proactive by keeping their top employees engaged and satisfied at work. Stay interviews provide the employer with a heads-up approach to deal with potential issues before they receive a resignation.


  • The purpose of Stay Interviews and the best ways to conduct them.
  • How to leverage stay interviews to forecast resignations and retain top talent.
  • Strategic stay interview questions to maximize the best results.
  • Ways HR can communicate stay interview results with key decision makers to gain support and navigate change.

Why You Should Attend:

You think you’ve done everything possible to retain your best employees. But then one day, it all falls apart. Suddenly you’re hit with a resignation that you never saw coming. Employers are still facing significant labor challenges with critical hard to fill job openings essential to the organization’s operations. Being able to forecast labor difficulties by using stay interviews is essential to your company’s bottom line.

Who Should Attend:

  • HR Professionals
  • HR Executives
  • CEO’s
  • HR Business Partners
  • HR Directors
  • HR Generalists
  • Business Owners
  • Safety Directors and Managers

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Racquel Harris is The Chief Strategy Officer at R. L. Harris & Associates, LLC. Racquel has 25 years of Executive level experience in Human Resources and earned two certifications in Human Resources and certification in Risk Management. Racquel is a graduate of Indiana University where she received a BA in Organizational Communication.